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Spellfire is a registed trademark of TSR Inc.
 TSR Inc. have been purchased by Wizards of the Coast which in turn bought over by Hasbro.

updated 12 November 2001

Inquisition update of this page.

All 99 resized Inquisition cards and a "No Edition" back cover.  Please read the INQ-Note.txt first.
Zip-file (4.37Mb)

The New Official Spellfire Homepage

Crossfire homepage : where the latest Online Spellfire game can be downloaded.

Anyone wants a Trade?

The Spellfire player registry

The official WoTC Spellfire page.

Spellfire Rebirth Booster

Some of my decks are up for viewing.
There have been some reshuffling in the GAB.  I have joined the Turquoise Team.

 Spellfire Links :
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The Atkinson Spellfire Nexus
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*Olivier HAMM page
Jeremy Byron Page
Hugo Pereira Spellfire page
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GregBerg's Page (another nice competetion)
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El Primero Despues de la Siesta (players from Argentina)
Spellfire Trading Zone of Necroz, Lord of Vengeance
The Realm of Brian Wilson
Bluntaxe's Webpage (Shane Reeves aka, Mordrid the Sage)
Bob's Spellfire Page (Bobnik)
StarShadow Spellfire Webpage
Russ McKnight's Domain
Faith's Random Insanity page (Brenda Elaine R.)
Myth & Magic (The internet Collectibles Store)
*Joost Hartlief page
*Chau Pui Kuen Spellfire page
*Stefan McCarter's wantlist
Strahd Wilson Tang Spellfire page (a player in Hong Kong) *Pages terminated*
*Lo Ka Man Page (aka Fox Lo) *Pages terminated*
Scott Rohrer Spellfire trade page *Pages terminated*
Gib Spmuh's Spellfire page (player from down-under) *Pages terminated*
*Matthew's Spellfire page *Pages terminated*
*Rouven Gehm's Spellfire page * Pages terminated*
*Wendy's Spellfire trading page * Pages terminated*
Arnaud Maillard's Web Page * Pages terminated*
*Javier Cerruela Page * Pages terminated*
*Gil Rowland's Page * Pages terminated*
Phil Cornett's Spellfire page * Pages terminated*
*Brian Bailey Spellfire page (sold off all his collection)

G.A.B. (list of good and bad traders)

Spellfire is a Collectable Card Game (CCG) which player can buy and collect cards.
The cards are all based on worlds created by the talented team in TSR.
There are Realms, Holdings, Champions, Artifacts, Magical Items, Spells and Allies from the world of AD&D®, Ravenloft®, DragonLance®, Forgotten Realms®, GreyHawk Adventure®, DarkSun® and the most recent BirthRight®.
Player can then configure a deck (set of cards) guided by rules in Spellfire® Starter Packs
You can challenge other players using decks from same category.
Winning or Losing depend on your choice of cards within the limits.
Of course your choice of cards depend on what cards you have.
To obtain cards that you want, you can spend more money to buy the cards or you can trade for them.

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